Several questions about garry's mod

Hi everyone,
First, sorry for my poor english, i am a french guy ^^"

I discovered garry’s mod recently and i think it is one of the most amasing game i know xD

I already download stargate mod (i am a fan ^^), phx2 / wiremod / npc… and i have several questions =)

1 : I don’t know how work replication on the replication addon. When i spawn it, they juste attack me :s don’t replicate or don’t build a queen :s. Anyone can explain to me ^^" ?

2 : Anyone Know a good AI for the bot in singleplayer . (for example a bot who can take the stargate or ring. Or run accross the map and not be static xD)

I wish you understand that i have write xD


  1. You need to spawn the queen from the NPC menu…That works for me and there’s a weapon that allows you to program them etc collect props and replicate and shit…

Yes i saw that but i don’t know how to program it :s. Can you give me a good example ?

I dont use the replicator addon anymore its buggy and crashes me and my server so i removed it but i remember what you need to use,try to find it on youtube…

yes i will try to see on youtube ^^.

Anyone for the second question :smiley: ?

There is an bot in gmod i think the command it just bot, type: bot in the console and i think a bot will join it wont be like a real person it will just mimic you like if you fire he fires etc…I dunno about AI that uses stargates and that stuff,tho this bot will follow you

thank you for all ^^ i will try to program replicator ^^


Don’t work xD it get on my nerv lol. They eat steel but don’t replicate :’(