Several questions which I need to get answer else I wont move forward

I got some ideas for my gamemode which I want to do, but due to some problems, I’ve ended up asking about it there:

My questions are:

1.Way to make entities from my table (SupplyWeapons) spawn in random place on the map or in place of the weapons that were placed on the map at the beginning? (I tried to do it but I ended up getting error about SetPos bad #1 argument (vector expected, got number) because I was using math.random for it

2.Way to get dimensions of the map ? (For random spawn pos and random weapons spawn pos)

3.EASY Way to make cool effects ?

If I get something better on my mind, I’ll ask

function GetRandomLocation()
local pos
while true do
pos = VectorRand()*16384 --some site said this was the max map size
if util.PointContents(pos) & CONTENTS_SOLID == 0 then
return pos

  1. There’s no fool proof way to get the map bounds.

  2. OB Particle editor.

Why it has to be YOU who answers mostly my questions ? Well, I gotta punish you with +Lua Helper rating

For the spawn positions, if the map has nodes you can use the node positions.