Several Questions...

First off…
I’ve been attempting to install addons since I got home. (I’m a newbster to GMod, half of them don’t install correctly) Since I installed the Jihad bomb and the Dear Sister addons, instead of blood flying everywhere are zoning squares, or “squares” made of red lines that show where blood is supposed to be generated… How do I fix this?

Second off, with the Dear Sister addon, whenever I shoot a white line appears from the upper left to the lower right of my screen… Just for like, a millisecond. How might I fix this?

Third, when I try and play GMod multiplayer, it says “This steam account does not own GMod” or something along the lines of that.

My Steam ID is is -=USMCS=- Can O Whoopass
I’m playing GMod 10
I have a modded ASUS; nVidia 8600GT, 2 gig RAM, intel processor OC’d to 2.5 GHz, 160 Gig C:/ 150 gig E:/

I just checked your games list. You dont have Gmod.

How do I not have GMod!?!?!

Contact Valve.

Alright, sent an email…
How long do they usually take to respond? :stuck_out_tongue:

A few days.

Any chance uyou could help me with the other issues?

Did you download it illegally or is it Gmod 9?

My friend guest passed it to me.

I don’t think there are guest passes for Gmod, did he gift it to you?

Suspisions start to arise. :colbert:

Well, all I know is that my friend gave it to me…
Isn’t that what guest passing is?
Again, I’m a newbster.

A guest pass is given to you by a friend, to allow you to play a game for a specific amount of time.

A gifted game is a game that a friend purchases for you which is added to your steam account as a fully purchased game that you can play forever.

Oohhhhhhhh… Then he gave it to me

Yeah, the gifting system seems to glitch like this.

I was gifted Gmod. Has worked fine.