Several server issues I'd like to ask for help with!

Good evening!

I currently run a server that has several gamemodes on it. Now, this is my second server; the first one ran only TTT on it, and I didn’t have too many issues. I wanted this one to have more on it, so I decided to add a few different gamemodes. My issue is that I’m having trouble with some addons causing errors on other gamemodes: for example, I have an “ID Bomb” addon for TTT that is causing script errors for the classic Prop Hunt gamemode. (I’m also having issues with the font on Prop Hunt? I’m not sure why that’s there, because it doesn’t show that it’s having any conflicts with anything else at all.)

My question is this: Does anyone know of a way that I can compartmentalize the gamemodes and their individual addons so that they do not conflict with other addons / gamemodes? I’m not terribly clever when it comes to learning new things about computers, so if anyone has a fix can I ask that you dumb it down for me as much as possible? I appreciate any and all help! Thanks guys!

I’m thinking the best way to do this would be to edit every single .lua file that is conflicting/creating errors “try one to begin with and see if it fixes because idk if this code will work” and type:

if engine.ActiveGamemode() == terrortown then

(The regular lua code that the author made here)


Thanks! I’ll try this and respond to give you an update!

Remember to change terrortown to whatever gamemode u want i to be for.