Several texturegroups on one model - impossible?

I was making a model which has something like one texture sheet for one part and another texture sheet for another. I made a bunch of different variants of those textures, so I could add them in as texturegroups. I put 2 blocks of those in the .qc, but after I compiled it and checked it in model viewer, only the textures from the first group appeared in the list where the other skins should be. So, is it only possibly to have one texturegroup on one model or did I do something wrong?
Here’s the part of the .qc that has the texturegroups:

$texturegroup skinfamilies
	{ "citizen_sheet.vmt" }
	{ "citizen_sheet2.vmt" }
	{ "citizen_sheet3.vmt" }
	{ "citizen_sheet4.vmt" }
	{ "citizen_sheet5.vmt" }
	{ "citizen_sheet6.vmt" }
$texturegroup skinfamilies
	{ "usmc_body_woodland_mp_col.vmt" }
	{ "usmc_body_woodland_mp_col_2.vmt" }
	{ "usmc_body_woodland_mp_col_3.vmt" }
	{ "usmc_body_woodland_mp_col_4.vmt" }
	{ "usmc_body_woodland_mp_col_5.vmt" }

Im afraid its a limitation of the engine, You will have to have seperate models for textures.

Or I could just have a bunch of sets going like top1, bottom1; top2, bottom1; top3, bottom1; top1, bottom2 and so on. Although that will take longer to write out.

Yeah you’ll have to do the second thing

No it’s perfectly doable if you do this:

$texturegroup skinfamilies
	{ "citizen_sheet" , "usmc_body_woodland_mp_col" }
	{ "citizen_sheet" , "usmc_body_woodland_mp_col_2" }

And so on (I ain’t writing all that out) for every possible combination, though I don’t know the limit on the ammount of skins you can have on one model (though you can only have upto 32 textures, as in 32 material files referenced by the model).

Look here for more details ^^

Yeah that’s what I meant