Several TF2 pictures (practice)

Welp, might as well make a few poses since I haven’t posted here in a month.
Also, sorry, I forgot to put on jpeg_quality 100

Feel free to edit them!

a quick edit:

The posing looks pretty good!

Cool, I like it. Thanks for taking the time to edit it!

Thank you too, seeing I haven’t posed in quite a while, I thought it would be pretty bad.

nice posing, and camera angles. I’s pretty awesome

nice camera angles and very well posing.

I really like the sniper one :smiley:

Nice practice pics mate.

nice posing and angles

Wow, I’m actually suprised, this resolution is too big for my 32 inch monitor (1300x760)
Very Nice!
-The sniper one is my new desktop background- =D

Pretty good.