Severance Gamemode - Database Help?

So I have been downloading this Severance gamemode from Nexus on, and I have ENTIRELY finished the entire installation process. The only part I have left is making the Host, which I also have, communicate with the SQL file and gamemode on the server.

There are two files for SQL, the SQL file itself that my friend have set up on the Host… properly, and a text .CFG file that needs to be read from the server, on the server.

The CFG file read by server for SQL information looks like this:

force mysql_characters_table = characters;
force mysql_players_table = players;
force mysql_username = usernamehere;
force mysql_password = passwordhere;
force mysql_database = databasehere;
force mysql_host = hosthttphere;

ALL information inside the CFG file has been set properly and so have the SQL file on the host. I have also placed the CFG file in the correct location, data/nexus/<here>.

Once I launch the server up with all the stored information, the gamemode start off in a grey blank window, saying something in the way of “The server is reading information, please wait.” but then two seconds later it says, “The server have problem reading the SQL file. Please check file at location data/nexus…” and so on, but me and my friend are convinced we have done everything that must be done to link the database with the gamemode.

Has anyone else encountered this or does anyone have knowledge/experience that can help us? Since we have tried this over and over it feels hopeless.

Thanks in Advance.

For host try “localhost” Instead.


edit the lines with mysql info, and it must be the exact same things in mysql.cfg