Severance - Money?

I’m currently running a Severance server, but I ran across a major issue - There is no currency?

I looked through various files, and to the best of my LUA knowledge, I don’t see what’s wrong. If Severance is coded so there is no currency, can somebody please help me with this?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Severance is not suppose to have a currency because of its setting. Its not an issue if it was suppose to be that in the first place. You can enable it in the aurawatch menu by the way, though its off by default.

We have tried enabling it in the Aurawatch menu, it just doesn’t want to work.

You have to go to the sv_auto.lua file in the gamemode folder and edit the line:

openAura.config:Get(“cash_enabled”):Set(false, nil, true);

Change it to:

openAura.config:Get(“cash_enabled”):Set(true, nil, true);

If you ever want to disable cash again just change the first “true” in that line to “false”. That should fix it. I hope I helped.

Well bank is still alive after zombie apocalypse
Seems legit

Honestly, I’ve always used money as more of a convenience for the players. I don’t see why people want roleplay to be this “SUPER SERIOUS WE HAVE TO HAVE IC REASONS FOR EVERYTHING” roleplay. I mean really, if you do that, then it just becomes boring.

He could very well be using the gamemode as a base for another type of RP.

Thank you, Deaded, for helping what I requested help for.