Severance MySQL help

Okay, i do not know what to do with the mysql thing, I’ve never used mysql.

Anyone have a tutorial or some sort on how to get it working?

// This is the MySQL configuration file for the nexus framework.
// Simply edit the values below and stick to the format of the example.
force mysql_characters_table = characters;
force mysql_players_table = players;
force mysql_username = examplel;
force mysql_password = example;
force mysql_database = example;
force mysql_host =;

Apparently i have to edit that, but i do not know how. Could anyone help?

download xampp - setup mysql with that (it’s as easy as installing it and then giving it a password) run mysql through the control panel- enter in localhost for the host, database for the database you make (When you import the tables) and the password and username which you also use.

Thats pretty much it.

Severance is fucked up anyway.

?, What do you mean?, If this is true whats a better zombie roleplay script like it.

Kuro, dick as he is, fucked all Severance and Novus Two servers up, sorry mate.

You’ll have to edit a different script, although most of them are fucked.

So either make your own script, fix the anims for Cakescript/Tacoscript, or buy Blueprint.

Oh, fucking great. I don’t want to be a idiot and use darkRP and i have no lua coding experience, So either way i’m fucked >.>

I will configure it for $5 over paypal.

There are several leaks which are not messed up.

there are exploits in;
json.lua (The included one, get the offical one)
ovus items (Theres one or two floating in them)
Hands weapon (Yep theres on in there too)

It’s really quite simple to remove them and theres several edited scripts around of them with the exploits fully removed, people are just