Severance - Nexus Loading error

There is a old gamemode called Severance it uses nexus it’s one of the best out there i peronaly think. I want to revive this gamemode by setting up a server, i’ve got the gamemode and all the content but my problem is launching it.

Sometimes when i launch it crashes the server and sometimes it doesn’t sadly about 90% the server does crash. I have got the mysql and everything setup.
If you need to know anything please post it! Thanks.


Also i need help with the zombies what is the console command to make a node for them where they automaticly spawn and why don’t they move? The just stand there looking around.

EDIT2: The last line Console gives says:

I don’t understand german. Can you get an english version of the error?

Its not german its dutch, why does everbody think that dutch is german.
But the problem is proabley that its a old gamemode and most of those gamemodes are broken so you will need a fix. About the error in english.

First line says: srcds.exe stops working
Second line says: You can look for help online
Third line says: You can look for help online and close the program
Fourth line says: Close the program
Fifth line says: look here for more details

Thats all i can do for you Sylerr

I did some research last night and i know that the error appears when you first launch it if you launch it again quickly it will load.

But now i need the zombies to move they just stand there looking around but they wont do anything.

That German thing doesn’t mean anything anyways, its just that crap windows is preprogrammed to say


Its not german its freaking dutch. Geez does nobody now the diffrence between dutch and german.

The modules that Nexus use are outdated, thus crashing the server - happened to my own servers.

Okay thanks for your help guys i fixed both problems!