Severance: Resurrected From Death (Late-Alpha)



Severance is a apocalyptic serious roleplay gamemode the basic goal is just ‘‘survival’’ fighting off the zombies build and build a stable base come out of it every once in a while to look for food/ammo and weapons.

There is no money in this gamemode if you want something from another player you have to trade it with something else because in an apocalyptic world money is worth nothing. There is and will never be a trade windows you just have to trust the other player that he wont rob you.

Weapons are found in the world but they are very rare, and what is a weapon without ammo? Food is more common but watch out what you eat or drink! It might be poisonous.

Your only protection will be the C.E.D.A. they are the world leaders now, but they also need food and weapons so don’t trust them to much.

-Serverance: Resurrested from the death, is a real director/story roleplay game. When the full version is released we will start on ‘‘Chapter 1: the beginning’’ basicly there isn’t much know about the infection and everyone is just trying to survive. Along time new chapters and new events will happen like the infection now also spreads true air and new zombies appearing.

-Everyday there will be admins online they create the events when there are no admins/events running or online you just have to look for food and weapons. Admins will created events and happening like a zombie outbreak or an car is found that works, or the millitary has found a truck with diesel etc.

-This gamemode is realistic when weapons are fired or you are close to a weapon that is fired your will be deaf temporary so you can’t hear your team mates or anything else. Radio’s are used to talk long distant rebels can try to hack into the frequency of the C.E.T.A. military to spot each move. Eating the wrong food can get you sick, there is a big amount of weapons, items, grenades but you are limited to what you can carry.

-There are only 2 classes the C.E.D.A. and the Survivor this doesn’t stop you from forming a rebel group to raid the C.E.D.A.'s HQ, or create your own groups.

Like explained before admins will make events true the whole day to keep the game interesting form a simple letter that suddently drops with info about the infection to a zombie outbreak or an escort of food. When there is no event people can look for weapons/food or raid places.

We are currently looking for Admins and advanced/good lua coders! We already have 5 admins but we are looking for more to have events all day long.

Want to be an admin? Just join the server and play with us if we like you we will contact you!

If you want to be a lua coder for us please go to this page:

And leave a comment in the announcement section!

See you online! (The IP is on the top banner)


Looks interesting, i have been on many Severance servers and i think that this looks much more interesting than the other ones. Gonna check it out when i got time.

Looks nice, I’ll be sure to go and check out the community some time.

Looks cool. Im joining right now

with the New Chapters New Stuff idea and A PLOT!!! this Gamemode already wins me over

I’ll be joining, this looks neat.

But since it’s a German server does that mean everybody in there will be speaking German? (I know pretty logical). I can only speak English so I don’t know how well I’ll be able to communicate.

they mostly speak english

No offense, but you spelled “happened” wrong…
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Looks good enough to try…can’t wait 'till it has a forum.

I know its been nearly an entire year…but is this server still up and running…i attempted to join yesterday and came up with nothing.

You’re an idiot.


Nope it isn’t my lack of lua coding back than made the server die, if you want to host it yourself checkout “Gamemode Releases” section of this forum I have the gamemode there for download including nexus.