Severe Lag/Crashing

For some reason whenever I spawn a certain amount for NPC’s in Garry’s Mod the lag becomes atrocious and pretty much renders the game unplayable. Eventually, if enough NPC’s are spawned, the game lags to the point that it crashes. On occasion, whenever I go to load up a map it just kicks me out of the game as well. It is incredibly annoying, I love Gmod and im dying to play around with it. I reckon, based on a rough estimate, that it can handle on my computer around about 13-15 NPC’s before beginning to lag. I do have a good gaming computer that has handled all of the games that ive thrown at it before, and it’s played other Valve games like Half-Life 2 and Portal effortlessly, which featured far more active NPC’s in a single scene than in my time in Garry’s Mod. Furthermore, whenever I go the options in Gmod, the ‘recommended’ settings are all high, so I figure that the game is detecting that my PC can handle pretty heavy stuff. Mystery is, why the hell is it lagging? If anybody could help me out, I’d much appritate it :). This is very, very infuriating. My system specs are below, hope it helps:

OS- Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 2

System- Manufactured by Zoostorm, G31 VP Series M7

Processor- Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q9550 @2.83 GHz

RAM- 2.00GB

System Type- 32-bit Operating System

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Also, I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 graphics card.

Your specs are not the best but it should work GMod requires 1 GB ram in the hardest situations. What could affect is the fact that your OS is 32-bit , And your CPU is rather bad

Hmm… I see. Perhaps my computer does need an overhaul lol. Thanks :slight_smile: