Severe seever problems.

Hello FP,
So to cut a long story short I run a TTT server. I could (once apon a time) host one, and now i get this.
Player XXX Timed Out
At which point their game closes. I decided to try out fixing it around 3 months ago. This worked, but now i get this.
STEAMAUTH:Client <NAME> received failure code 6
STEAMAUTH:Steam ticket was cancelled.
You know what pisses me off the most? A few people can connect and others crash instantly. (i.e game close)

Also, when I host a listen server, of course everything was fine. (TTT)

I need a fix, 3 months of effort has had no avail!

Do you have port 27015 open? Do you host on the same computer you play on?

Yes I do host the server on the same pc I play on. I do not really play on my server often at all. I have port 27015 open and all the others required, otherwise the listen server above would’nt have let people join :D.

Google the issue before you make new threads fella: (This is an issue between Steam and the User, not the Server and the User)

Also, this can be caused by you not having the latest build of SRCDS.