Severe texture problem on GMod.

I was on my server, and suddenly my PC froze for about 5-10 seconds. Nothing would work (alt+tab, etc not working). After it unfroze my GMod textures had completely messed up. (See below photos)
Note: The interfaces work fine but are nearly impossible to use. Some props appear all messed up such as the oven prop, and the crosshair is completely missing. This entire problem also affects the steam overlay UI.
After restarting GMod everything restores back to normal.

Spawning an oven:

Spawn menu:

Evolve Admin menu:


I don’t even…
Does this happen often? o.0

Erm not very often, but still when it does, it’s really annoying.

Download a program called HWMonitor, and take a screenshot of all your temperatures for us after playing for about 10 minutes.

I’m guessing your GPU is overheating.

Looking at your quality and the fact that it’s freezing up the game, and judging by your OS, chances are you’re running on a very old/outdated GPU that can’t handle Garry’s Mod. The only legitimate fix would be to upgrade to a new GPU if your system supports it; you could also build/buy an entirely new system, but chances are that’s not a very realistic option at this time of the year.

Its a GPU issue, as its loading the wrong textures for the menu screen and other things.

My GPU should be perfectly fine… I can play GMod on high with at least 30fps…

NVidia GeForce 9500GT

If your GPU was perfectly fine you wouldn’t have the issues you currently have, now would you? You said you’re running it on “high” but according to those screenshots, your game looks pretty bad, especially the AA. Sorry, but a 9500 is all sorts of outdated, not to mention you’re using XP, which may also be causing some compatibility issues.

It’s time to let go and upgrade your GPU, and I’d recommend your OS as well, if you want to fix these issues.

  1. Before my game derps out like that it looks perfectly fine.

Screenie me on my DarkRP server:

  1. This is a dualboot of XP/7. I prefer XP because of performance.

  2. I’d happily upgrade my GPU if I had the money.

Like I said, the GPU will run fine until it starts to freak out. Consider your GPU an overweight elderly man, sure he can jog for a good mile and a half, maybe even in hot weather, but going past that stretch, he’s going to be more and more likely to collapse. Your only way to fix the issue is to upgrade your GPU, both because it’s outdated, and because it’s old. Both of those attributes mean your GPU is wearing out, and you need to replace it.

In fact, upgrading your specs in general will increase your performance vastly, and you won’t have to dualboot for XP anymore. If you don’t have the money, there really isn’t anything you can do.

As I said, I’d like to but I don’t have the money.

Well there’s nothing else we can help you with.

Could be a gmod issue. I was working on some derma stuff and after I changed resolutions to test scaling gmod went derp and loaded up fence like textures, kind of the ones in your screenshots. Had to restart gmod to fix it and couldn’t reproduce the bug.

Still more willing to bet that it’s a GPU issue, all things considered considered.