Severed head

Not the best of my editing

And one question for posers. How to make unhatles ragdoll?

ent_fire !picker setbodygroup #

everything looks so wrong. I mean the textures. they look so low res. the decapitated head looks cool

if you are laizy moda fucker like me.

so, thanks

His wrong eye is glowing and you should turn your graphics up when taking a screenshot. :o They have no phong nor normalmap. :c

The first thing to remember when making blood is that is must be very dark red. Sort of black red. It may look to dark until you blur it. Programs like Gimp always brighten it. And if you work in layers it is a small matter to adjust it.

Everything else is just practice.

Since this is TF2 that rule doesn’t really count. It should be more orange for tf2 blood.

how did you disabled phong maps? want

Yeah the pattern of the blood is pretty ok, but it should be more orange like Mosquito said.

Ah ok. Haven’t done any TF2 poses with blood.

thanks guys, I will be better.

I dont understand