Sew not working?

I was mapping a little outdoor enviorment, and of course I’m useing displacements left and right, only thing is: sew dosen’t seem to work like I expected it to. I select 2 displaced surfaces that are not matched up along one edge(the only edge they share) and hit sew. However, the only thing that happens is that one corner is bent down from the taller displacement to match the lower one; leveing the rest of the displacement as it was before:incorrect. I was wonering if there was somethign special I had to do to use the sew function.

Thanks in advance for any help!

That’s all sew does, it matches the edge verts. It won’t smooth the join out for you.

I think they have to be even in the first place. I haven’t used sew in a while now though.

First the blocks I am pretty sure have to be the same size, the corners/sides need to be ontop of each other and they have to be the same power of displacement. So like if you made a 128x128 block you could sew those together if they are touching on one side and they both have the same power. Now if you make a 128x652 block put them next to each other (side by side) and try sew it won’t work, even if they have the same power because one is way to big, I am pretty sure the displacements have to be touching in the same positions for it to be able to sew?

If I am wrong please correct me.

Just sew then use the smooth tool. Works wonders.

They don’t need to be the same size. As long as one edge is a factor (math term) of the other edge, then it should work. They need to be roughly aligned too.
Power won’t matter much, as Hammer can move verts to line up with an edge.