Sewing machine in Rust?

Hello, fellas.

Don’t you wonder about how you craft your clothes? I mean seriously, It’s not very realistic to chop a nice warm jacket from some fuckin’ bulletpierced piece of cloth! So here’s my Idea:

A Sewing Machine!!!1

Think about the possibilities!

Camouflage is even cooler!

It’s much more realistic.
It’s basicly like a workbench. just for cloth.

Idk. Just an idea. I am bored. Bye.

or just a needle and thread…

It should be like this…

I can be the princess i always wanted to be :’)

But what if you stab yourself accidentally and bleed to death?

Bandages are getting cheaper so bleedout shouldn’t be a problem. But watch out if the sewing system follows the new stability model: put on a hat and your pants could fall down. :slight_smile:

whydoesnt this guy work at facepunch his ideas are amazing

Just a normal old workbench would work. Make it take forever to build without it… just like before. Some things work a little to well to not keep around. Workbenches was one of those things.