Sewing table? Clothes durability? Higher Tier Requirement? Stronger clothes?

Going to keep this short and sweet.

Clothes should have durability.
Clothes degrade very slowly whilst running around etc.
Clothes degrade very fast in combat especially vs bullets and sharp objects.
Clothes can be repaired at a Sewing Stand.
Higher tier clothes can only be crafted at a sewing stand.
Clothes can have insignias put on them at a sewing stand for identifying teams, friends etc.
Clothes can be strengthened depending on how much more resources you want to invest into it, 25% more protection?
Clothes can be custom painted, this allows for things like camouflage.

One does not simply craft…

Do clothes even do anything outside snow biome?

These things will probably be added in the far future.Personally i’m looking forward to a chemistry table where smoke bombs,poison and other things can be made.

Yes :slight_smile: I wish clothes were more useful though as July said…

1, Makes you look cool and stylish
2, I believe that different types of clothing has different amount armor effect

And clothing is helpful in the desert biome at night as it gets cold enough to kill you.