Sewing Textures

Hey everyone!

I’m starting a huge nuts project- and I am going to have to go out and take a bunch of pictures to replicate the buildings and everything correctly in the map. So, when I take a picture of, a brick wall, lets say- now i have the picture, but i need to to look seamlessly sewn together and not choppy, so I need a program to do that- Any ideas?

tldr: I need a texture sewing program. :v:

Thanks so much!

I’m pretty sure most people use Photoshop or GIMP.

Get Gimp, Photoshop or then just manually make them seamless.
It’ll look better than what any computer equation could give you.

I believe GIMP has the ability to automatically removing tiling in photos, but I prefer to do it manually in Photoshop.

Filter -> Other -> Offset

Enter half the image width as x and half the image height as y

Use a mix of the clone stamp and healing brush tools to remove the seam down the middle.

Filter -> Other -> Offset

I just change the numbers I initially used to negative

Sometimes there’s a bit of a seam in the center again, clean that up and the texture should be seamless.

This is pretty much the way you do it. Personally I think this tutorial from CGTextures does a good job of stepping through the process:

They have some other interesting tutorials, too. Some textures are harder to tile than others, but once you know what you’re doing, it’s not too bad.

Edit: In fact, speaking of CGtextures tutorials, I wanted to link this one too, even though it isn’t related to making textures tileable. I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks invaluable for making custom textures.


Get a plugin that makes “seamless” textures. Works great.