"Sex and Violence" A Femme Fatale approaches her Kill.

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inb4 dat ass

Good use of the CS:S dead guy

Blood is rather pixelated though.

“Riddled with bullets? How about a nice ass to cheer you up!”

ass looks like saggy boobs.

picture is fairly bland.

That model isn’t assposable, unfortunately.

Source default blood :saddowns:

That doesn’t seem like appropriate combat attire.

It’s just the shading on the ass cheeks. It makes it look like her underwear is pulling her cheeks apart.

I didn’t add any shading though, so it must–

Dude, it’s a girl’s ass. Just appreciate it.

I know it’s not you’re fault. I’m sorry if I’m coming off in a critical way. I do appreciate it.

This thread is obviously gonna get more replies than mine, this one got some nice ass :C

Cool pose on the girl.

It’s alright. Rated rainbow just in case though. :downs:

Sex sells, let that be a lesson to you.

it’s dark like a cajun steak

i like my meat medium rare

Buns of steel.