"Sex and Violence"

Something I made just for the fun of it.

Also before anyone asks, the models can be found through Rastifan’s DeviantArt page.

Nice work, looks like you copied the wrong link though

isn’t a mix of sex and violence what got you banned? :v:

I kid, looks nice

The image isn’t loading.
But it’s Ryu-Gi and the title is “sex and violence” so I don’t know if I want it to load.

I don’t understand…

Don’t get your panties in a bunch, it’s not bad. Just two girls posing all badass-like with guns and swords

YFJ means that the picture doesn’t appear. We have to click reply and then copy/paste the link ourselves in order to see the image.

Oh okay, here then:


I’ve added a link to the picture in the OP in case you can’t see it. I’ll see if I can find a way to make it visible…


at least they’re not buried alive

Just use this link


Their pose is uncomfortable and will make their spines hurt.

I tried that, and then I couldn’t see it. Hold on, let me try putting it on another hosting site…

Okay, I used a different site for the picture, can everyone see it now?

EDIT: Okay, cool.

Haha yeah, a mix.

(of bodyparts girl has been forced to drink). Lol.

Slash, hack, bang, ass, tits. Aye a fitting title:quagmire:

+1, work on it.

What’s that map?

Its a Blade Symphony map called District

I was expecting to see a pose with Jack (ME3) with that title