Would it be successful if coded from scratch and not just darkrp with the rape swep?
Having custom bone animations so players could interact for sexy times , but only consensually of course.
Maybe no conventional weapons, just more of a social rp. Does it even need a money system?

Thoughts and opinions?

Sure, having pretend sex with other 13 year old hormonal boys is a fantastic idea :slight_smile:


Make sure you get it to work with all the anime models.

If you make it work with furry player models I predict much success.

LOL This is so: … #ForeverAloneLookingForVirtualSex

Who are you to tell me I don’t have the right to fuck my friends over the internet while playing as an anime girl?


if you could do cock and ball torture while you’re at it that would be great tia

Just join any DarkRP server. It’s obvious what’s going through the player’s minds. Hint: The code to most keypads is 6969.

make this possible ingame pls


How the fuck do you people come up with this shit


what is wrong with you

hey man i just tend to lose my dick a lot on rp servers and i need a plan b okay?

This already exists. its called every PonyRP server

I think we made it clear we want to fuck anime characters while torturing our balls, not horses.

Just go on skyrim (nexus mods)
And make a multiplayer mode

No thanks.

I’d say yes, so I can do it with this guy.

you could add donations to your server, and as perks for donating, exclusive sex positions