Sexual Harrasment / Defamation

This guy is harrasing me. He changed his steam name to mine and is saying that hes gay, a pedophile and defaming my name on the server.

Welcome to the internet.

That’s quite funny.


I broke into his home, stole all and any pertinent items. Then he proceeded to lock me in. I broke out and he was upset about this.

He changed his steam name to mine and is now posting defamatory comments about his sexuality using my username.

Newsflash: people are assholes

You can just laugh at him, and enjoy the game, because really in games no one usually cares if a user is made fun of, unless you’ve been quite an ass to other people yourself.

If anything people, will notice and just laugh too.

Less QQ, more PewPew! Welcome to the internet! Home of the trolls!

He is defaming my name though. Using the same username. That shouldnt even be allowed. Steam should not allow this to happen. Same with Facepunch.

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But I already looted it all… I have to wait for them to rebuild.

Steam/Facepunch isn’t a babysitting service, and I feel sad you think that way.

You seem a little too sensitive to an image you can always change on the net.

You’re being as much of a baby about this as him. Get over it.

I guess they are not but this behavior should not be allowed. We will find out though.

If you are playing on a private server take it up with them, if nothing happens, then I guess you’ll have just have to go on with it.

Either way there’s always different servers, names, avatars you can change into and take up.

Right, I reported it. We will see. Added: This was in an official server.

You took it like a champ, You said you was having fun trolling me and the moment I lashed back and started trolling you, you “girled out”. When I told you I was king Troll, I was not joking. You mess with the bull you get the horns. -Zombeest

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Dude, fuck off and leave the poor kid alone, its one thing to harass him in game, but to come here and harass him is just low.

Anyone else think it’s a coincidence that zombeest’s ‘troll pet’ manage to find this thread?

Not really

Zombeest (to fake Zombeest) “I am telling on you on the forums”
Fake Zombeest (thinking) “I better go and troll him some more like the right proper scrotumhead that I am”
Also looking at the bottom of the thread where the lurkers are, notice that both Zombeest and Zombeest 2 are lurking. Unless there is some black magic trickery at play, they are two different people.

That’s exactly what happened. I just wanted him to stop. Its almost like somoene claiming to be you on facebook or whatever. Anyways. Zombeest out.

I am done harassing you, but too destroy my house blast all my doors down steal all my stuff and destroy all my storage boxes, and refuse to leave my house and call me names through voice chat for an hour and a half is why you got trolled and to run and “tattle tell” on me makes it that much better. sorry im not sorry. -Hex out

That first half is normal behavior in rust, that is called raiding. The second half is gloating. You gotta take it like a man, not be a whiny little bitch and retaliate. That being said, I can’t endorse that Zombeest is doing either, since that is just as wrong.

I just reported it. I simply raided his house, I admit, I gloated about it but who wouldnt. Unless you mean what he did (zombeest 2).