Sexy Ada Wong

Wanted to see how good I could make Ada look, considering she has no face or finger pose. Heavy editing involved.

It annoys me that I can’t find better models of her for GMod.

She sucks Ehanced_AI’s lollipop.

You could put up a request for:

[li] Fingerposing [/li][li] Eyeposing [/li][li] Faceposing [/li][li] Fixing rigging issues[/li][li] Other[/li][/ul]

Worth a shot.

I highly doubt it will pay off.

Again, worth a shot

I don’t know what this is.

But i like it.

It’s Ada with a gun sucking a lollipop. Pretty plain and simple to understand I dare venture.

Those eyes are so effin’ scary.
But any way AHHEEMM.
It symbolizes the instant gratification that our generation enjoys so much.
The lollipop symbolizes how sweets are very common also in this life and Ada’s blank staring face symbolizes the fake lifeless porn star’s on demand.
well played sir :golfclap:

I knew you’d be the one to use my Sucker.

Yea. You see most would think. “Damn Ehanced_AI. Now I want a lollipop”. But I immediately saw your splendid creation between a sexy womans lips. Resized and all.


Again you have unraveled the mystery behind my creations.


I don’t know about faceposing, but I could probably fix the other stuff

Really? Finger posing and that dress/leg attachment issue would really help a long way.

Oh fuck I thought that was an error in her mouth texture and a thin cigarette.


Yeah, sure. I’m probably going to stay home tomorrow, so might as well help someone with something. Add me on steam, I’m in college right now though.

As I said a while ago; good, very good.

Oh, how funny that may come off as.

The model looks pretty low res :frowning:
Still a nice shot!

Go for it.

You should have seen her before I started the editing. Smoothing and smoothing and smoothing and…

Dead Eyes…

The image needs to be a bit brighter. I can barely see Ada.