Sexy Lamarr serving at a bar

I would really appreciate it if you didn’t come in here and say “omg that model is so ugly this pix sucks” or anything generally along those lines. I would like constructive criticism. Now, I realize that some people will think that the model is ugly and will feel that it really ruins the picture, it’s ok to say something about that just don’t try to come out like an ass saying it.

Anyway, picture:

Fun facts:
-There are no clothed models of Lamarr. The clothes were made entirely in Photoshop.
-The model on the left is my custom skin. If you want to download it, just ask. I would be more than happy to give you a link to it
-The outfit is 10% transparent
-There were originally going to be bunny ears on her, but making those were a big pain and I wasn’t sure how to go about making them. Maybe they’ll come later…

Edit: NSFW Original

Her Eyes stare into my soul :ohdear:

1 word… Yum

“Do not let that fucking thing touch my club soda!”

looks slimy

It’s the shiny reflection from the model.

What’s Lamarr from? I’ve googled and only see the headcrab Lamarr and Hedy Lamarr.

The Sexy Lamarr model is like a humanoid form of Lamarr from Half-Life 2.


her eyes look weird


also, this is a joke right?

hey its a young greasy lois

I remember once I found a thread where it was Gmod porn… can someone find it?

dude…you can’t look at the front page?

he’s a special case

You mean rules? Or look for it myself? I can’t find it, and I remember there was one…

You’d have to explain to me how this would be a joke.

Edit: Also, @Errorproxy just look at the first page of the screenshots forum. It’s really not that hard to find. Let’s not discuss Gmod Porn in this thread.

“Sex Pose Megathread”


:cawg:Yes it shouldn’t be that hard.

Nice work Slayer. Like the dress edit.

wtf is sex?!?! :saddowns:

Ahem!.. When a bee and a flower fall in love…

There was a stork to, but I still haven’t figured that one out.