Sexy Lamarr with clothes

So yeah, was wondering if someone would be so kind as to add clothes onto the Sexy Lamarr models. Skirts, pants, shirts, etc.

Also, whatever happened to this model?

Would love to see that in-game.

Here is the link to the Sexy Lamarr models:

Much appreciated.

I support this idea.

Looks like an funny alien

No shoes?
She needs shoes.

And pants rather than a g-string.

I too shall place my signature here to support this being done. This model should have been finished long ago. I think the original creator gave up on it because of too many people being d-bags. It’s a shame to see a model of such quality go unfinished.

I’m willing to do any texturing if it needs to be done. But we really need someone who can do this.

No takers yet? Surely there must be some one who can finish this.

Heres a link to the work files of that HEV suit

i couldnt finish it becuase i didnt have anyone willing to unwrap and texture it it, the model also needs some cleaning up

I would be more than happy to texture it so long as it’s ready to be put in game.

Come on people. Can’t be that hard for those with the skills.

Don’t you model? .__ .

I dunno if he does. I’ve seen him reference modeling but have never seen his work. Anyways, I’d like to see this done. One major thing that bugs me are the facial flexes; they’re so limited! I would be content with just the normal Sexy Lamarr with a full range of facial flexes, to be honest.

Nope. Nahka is the modeler among us. If I could model I would do this.

This thread is now about getting someone to compile the HEV Lamarr.

I can compile, but texturing is another story. (I can only do basic textures at this point)
And of course the Download link is busted.

Sorry, heres a new link

and heres an updated render of the model, with arms, gloves and boots

Compile the model. Send me everything. I’ll texture it. And thank you Squint. It looks amazing.

Uhh, Squint911, any reason for using v render? Because I don’t have the plugin and the file won’t open without it.

There shall be more headcrabs.

We need poison and fast headcrab.