"Sexy" Old Spice User Ellis


Is it Old Spice? Or is it Ellis Juice?

Just a close up of Ellis with sexy/fuckyouup eyes.

I’m on a horse.

What a stud. :love:


A dumb redneck stud.

Smell like a man, man.


also semi-beard is win

Ellis is the man your man could smell like.

Ellis seems to have a severe case of chin-balls.

Actually, those look more like ass cheeks to me. But let’s go with that.

This would be made into a perfect joke if someone posted Postal’s ass, but I’m not even going to go there.

It would be better if I posted it so my name can be taken in affect.

-snip no picture from ED, including Postal’s ass, can get into fp that easy-

Oh wow.


Did you know I was riding this horse backwards?

Chernobyl is not the best place to be advertising Old Spice

Why is Eiils looking at me like that. Makes me feel like a prison bitch.

Look again! The tickets are now DIAMONDS.