Sexy Tali

Can somedody hack the original model to make it full or partially nude?
smthg like this [img_thumb]'Zorah_nar_Rayya%20quarian.jpg[/img_thumb]

Hell yeah! Someone need to do this!

I vote no out of respect for her

I vote for yes I like to see that!:slight_smile:


I vote no because the whole Tali-human thing doesn’t comply with her lower body.

Fucking this.

I mean its bad enough people ruin the image of most female video game characters with badly made sex poses to get cheap thrills out of for 3 seconds but no need to mess with the image of one of the best female characters D:

Besides, no one even knows how she even might look, thinking biologically.

don’t do this to Tali D:

This, very this.

If you want nude Tali so bad, do it yourself. I doubt anyone’s going to want to do this for you.

Alternatively, be creative. Inflate existing models together or something if you want her clothes off so bad.

Environmental-suit :pseudo:

It’s bad enough making the face human. Let alone this. Can’t say I like the character, but the objectification is started to get a bit insane.

This. Talk about ruining an awesome character. Does everything have to be nude?

Yes. Rule 34, remember?

You can’t take Tali’s suit off, SHE’LL DIE!

Yeah. You don’t want to KILL Tali, do you?

Ok this thread is dead to me now!

Touche sir, you make a valid point.

Wait aminute didn’t she take off her suit to have sex with Commander Shepherd in the game?