Sexy Zoey

Edit: Models already release -->

Hi all
I am currently working on a custom skin for Zoey of Left 4 Dead, I can not make it work on L4D (despite countless tutorials traveled), I decided to make a hexed models for gmod.

It is not over, I still change its clothes and refine a little while, but here’s how it goes.

I await your comments and suggestions (constructive) :wink:

That is indeed, very sexy. But the boobs need a bit of blending around the edges.

Hair looks kinda green, and you will surely want to clean up her face

Someone urinated in her hair.

It looks like her jacket was dipped in grease or something. And her hair is greenish, leave it the way it was and this would be nicer.

Her eyes look creepy as fuck too, leave those as they were.

I want to make a sexpose with her in it.

You forgot to completely remove her shirt. (look at the bottom of her jacket)

Funny how sexy fits the aryan ideal.

I don’t like the hair colour, that’s all

It’s quite sexy, except the clothes are too shiny/phonged or cube maps, and her hair is terrible.
Make a version that is unhurt and without pistol holsters.

The boobs look like they have been ripped from a low quality picture.

I don’t think blonde hair and blue eyes automatically makes things sexy tbh.

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