SF guy walks in near a house in a forest

just some skin testing still a WiP


you’re right chesty these maps are confusing as fuck.
C&C and edits are welcome.

improve the grafix and i’ll give you a cookie

not very spoon.

He looks like he’s standing still, not walking.
Also, turn the graphics up.

tall grass is tall
it looks like that because of the grass and the hill he’s walking up
plus as high as they go on a radeon 9250.

I mean his pose.
He’s not moving, he’s just standing there.

For some reason he looks like he’s stretched.

@ prismatex
I really don’t see your logic he looks just fine when I was posing maybe it’s just my graphics card and you can’t see depth well on it.
@ oogaboogaman

I don’t know, it just does to me.

His feet are nearly lined up with each other.

wasn’t in-game.

Well, OK.
Why don’t you stop making excuses and just say that you’ll fix it next time?

Posing needs a lot of work, and the screenshot is boring/needs improvement of background location.

specific’s on the posing?