SF moving and shooting (generic, but its not bad.. imho)

havent edited in months so yeah I got bored and started a pose for practice…

Generic yes.


direct: http://s3.postimage.org/bw60gw4yb/cs_assault0033.png

Can’t see jack.

gotta get dat direct link



It’s ok


They are floating, otherwise it’s nice.

dats a curb, bro

That one dude is tip-toeing. I like the rest though.

thanks :slight_smile:

Dude on the right is about to overbalance and faceplant into the concrete. Otherwise it’s not terrible, but it is exceptionally bland and just downright boring. It’s a pair of dudes aiming offscreen, with one shooting, and everything’s brown. Come on, man, even ddok can do more interesting things with that subject matter.

I like that you actually did proper shotgun muzzleflash. I also like the color palette, not too shabby.

The color palette is nice, although the burning needs some serious work.
Looks like you just used one dark brush stroke to apply shadows, also you’ve burned the outside of the dudes, and you burned it after you applied smoke, you should have done it before…
So work on the burning, and look at real-life reference when it comes to shadows.

Welcome back!

thanks :smiley: