SFC3's Star Trek GMOD Posing Thread

Hey, I got better at posing so I am going to post some of my Star Trek poses.

PART 1: Upon The I.K.S. Slav’Lbegh, Part One



Cmdr. Newton watches the shuttles and prepares to dive into Klingon vessel wreckage to investigate.

Deep Space Engagement


The newly commissioned U.S.S. Enterprise A attacks a Bird of Prey in Federation space.

Please enjoy.

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Why the disagree?

shit just got HNNNNNNNG

There is very little posing.

Newly-commissioned Conny next to a Defiant? I don’t think so :S

lol gm_construct

great thing about laptops is you can take them with you anywhere
and i’m on the toilet
right now

and i can NOT tell the difference between what’s in the toilet bowl, and what’s on the screen.
just looks like shit to me.

That B.O.P is NOT to scale…

apwninthedark’s starship pack comes with a shuttle for the sovereign

it doesn’t even fit

why are most of the star trek related screenshots so bad?