SFIV Cammy ragdoll (T-posed model provided)

Hopefully compatible with GMod 9, please, if you’re serious about porting this model please send me a PM with an example of what you’ve ported into GMod before and I’ll let you download the original model as an OBJ format complete with an MTL file and all of the textures.

Credit goes to Poppy from the DarkMatter forum for ripping and T-posing this model, and of course to Capcom for creating this nice Cammy from scratch :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!



What the fuck is that

It’s a ragdoll.

More like an OBJ model… it’s because I want it as a GMod ragdoll that I made this thread :v:

Excuse me, but I don’t look like that…
It looks odd…

cammy’s the best looking girl in SF4. the rest are manish or steroid buff

I think Rose is pretty girly if you ask me. She doesn’t have manly characteristics, and she has the aura/magic.

Rose’s character model has a manly jawline and giant manly hands. She looks just fine in the Official Artwork and in the Anime cutscenes, though, for some reason…

Fortunetley I could definetley use the model for some stuff in Maya…Although having her legs be spread that wide seems kinda wierd…I think I can manage, though, if I give it a rig…

Can I have the model, please?

ha yeah… if these models are to be of any use, we’d have to atleast replace the arms and legs on all the girl models. <_< …its the only way

Sure, just send me a PM and we’ll get that settled.

Nooooo!!! Chun-Li’s thunder thighs must NOT be tampered with! (>_<)

Could I have the model? I want to try rigging it.

Please, not just cammy. EVERY CHARACTER. We need a street fighter pack

I’d be fine if just the girls were ported to gmod :slight_smile:

Cammy is a nice start. Please make this!


uh, yeah, no. I know you’re just speaking out of personal opinion and not really an objective viewpoint, because the girls are fine they way they are. i know for a fact it’s not a technical issue.

bottom line, if they get ported they need to stay as they are otherwise there’s no point.

I could always include a flex that would reshape the arms. I did this before in the past.

They don’t need to be reshaped.

Can someone get me the chun li obj model in t-pose

We need a 3-D Darkstalkers game.

Felicia ragdoll, anyone? :wink:

As for Street Fighter games, they should’ve stuck to sprites. I mean, 3-D’s great for Gmod, but the characters look all fucked up. Unless they make them look more like they should, forget it. Stick to HD sprites and backgrounds. Tatsunoko VS. Capcom had much better looking versions, so much closer to the originals. I have it, it’s an awesome game.

yeah I’ve got the models from that game… though they are extremely lowpoly. once the brawl tools get released, these models will be idle for brawl.

Hell, I wouldn’t care. I just want me some Karas, with a side of better looking Megaman Trigger. Maybe even some Roll and Tekkaman to go with it.

I’m not sure if I understand this statement. You’re lamblasting SF4 for being 3d, yet you’re giving props to TvC (which is 3d)? Isn’t that a tad bit ironic? It’d be like me going “Ya know, I hate high resolution sprites, they don’t have the same character as the older stuff - but mannnnn I love me the way BlazBlue looks”

Edit: Back on topic, it would be hilarious to get a Zangief port as well, so someone (cough…me…cough) could try and build his “in game flowchart”