SFM addon in gmod?

Hello everybody

I’d like to know if we can import SFM addon in gmod,because i need the robotic boogaloo props addon for my image/posters

Thank,and have fun. (sorry if wrong category,i didnt knew between SFM part or Gmod part because it’s about gmod)

Not really, unless the addon uses older model format that GMod uses.

I tried to put them on “models” and it worked but 60% of the item of the addon that i tried to put are missing texture AND the ragdolls are invisible AND they are ALL taken as effect so i can’t just pose them because they don’t have physic (not even bone to pose them) so well it’s really annoying… +Nobody are interested by adapting them for gmod…

SFM models doesn’t have physics ragdoll (They have bones), you should look for a bone tool or just not for these ragdolls :v