SFM - Black pixelated lighting on model (IMAGE-HEAVY)

EDIT: It was a cubemap issue. After rebuilding the cubemaps in Alien Swarm, I’ve fixed the problem.

Wasn’t sure where this would go, so if it’s in the wrong section I apologize.

So I’ve been working on a project, and for some reason my models are getting these weird black pixels on them:


This is a screenshot taken from the rendering window. You can notice the black pixels on the visor.

This also affects the work viewports:


And the effect is sometimes even worse on the guns:


If you need information on the models I’m using and such, feel free to ask.

I just need this fixed because this video is on a pretty tight deadline. So any help would be really appreciated.

its either a map or model problem. try loading the same models on another map (create another session) and use other different models in that doom map. that way you can identify if its just the model or the map

TF2 scout (HWM) is unaffected


I tried loading a different map and the visor is working just fine:


So I’m thinking it might be related to the cubemaps.

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I tried to rebuild cubemaps via TF2, and I don’t think SFM likes them very much…


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After building cubemaps in Alien Swarm, the issues are gone. Huzzah!