SFM .dmx to Blender?

Hey there! I’m relatively new to all this stuff, so sorry if I get anything wrong.

Anyways, I’ve been trying to port Left 4 Dead 2’s Hunting Rifle into GMod. Problem is, it won’t work due to the fact that it’s from a newer version of Source, along with the fact that it uses .ani files to store it’s animations. So, I went the route that TFA went to port his CS:GO models; Getting their animations into Blender as a .dmx. So, in SFM this is what I did, step by step:

  • Loaded a map. As usual.
  • Created an animation set for the Hunting Rifle model.
  • Clicked on it’s ‘export animations’ option, so the animation .dmx was exported.

So, after that I went into Blender with the model (imported from it’s .dmx format), and I got:

Now, it’s pretty obvious that this doesn’t look like the Hunting Rifle at all. What did I do wrong?!

You need to import reference model into blender first and then import it’s animation extracted from SFM with 'Append to Target".

The model will be lying along Y axis instead of Z, that’s supposed to be.