[SFM] Flight Check

I decided to try and remake an older shot of mine as a promo for an upcoming video/map/model release.


Full size (4k): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21161113/SFM/uav_pilot_promo.jpg


Pretty great, what’d you do in post?

Lookin’ good Lt_C!

HDR toning, a cooling filter, a little manual AO around the hair, adding a little glow on the container, and darkening around the edges. Nothing too dramatic.


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what the fuck jimmies are you being real

well no offense to lt but it isn’t some ground breaking huge deal

but i post amazing on things that i like and find amazing :frowning:

dont tell me what i can or cant like grandma

The clothing of the main model looks really detailed. Did you do that?

Yeah, the body uses 3 uncompressed 4096x4096 textures on a 100k triangle mesh. With the normals and facemap and stuff, the textures are 256MB. I’ll be downsizing and compressing everything for release because that’s freakin’ crazy.


Wow, that model is stunning. Great picture.