SFM - House party protocol! Perhaps not right now...

Alrighty, so, I’ve been searching around the internet for some Iron Man models to use in SFM. I found loads, buuut they’re all .obj!!!

Here they are. All 21 of them. All but 2 of them (Hammerhead and Igor) are from Marvel Heroes, so the other 2 are more of a problem (I’ll explain later) than the others, as they’re smaller than the others.
Before you say anything about changing the scales, I’m a noob. I barely know anything about Blender, and have no idea how to re-size things.
That brings me to my next problem: I need to rig them and do other stuffs to get them into SFM to use in a multi-universe comic series I’m making.
All I’m asking is for someone (or multiple people) to help me rig all these and get them ready for SFM. I understand it may be a big task, but I will be very grateful if someone does rig them.

Note: This new link includes all of the other marvel things I’ve downloaded. Sorry about that.

that’s not how dropbox works

Yeah. Sorry, I’m a bit new to Dropbox. I’ll edit it now.

Is anyone going to help me? I need these!