[SFM] Midnight Animal

Trigger warning FNAF models, give it a chance though my brother.

This was beautiful to watch. The last scene was my favourite and for some odd reason, it reminded me of The Godfather. Thank you for this magnificent piece of art.
It would be awesome if this was in 60FPS but still, very gorgeous.

really excellent animation and composition

Definitely thought Bonnie was gonna escape through the toilet.

Great video.

As someone who works with filmproduction, this is actually really good. It’s very rare that I get impressed by the videos posted here. Good job!

The thumbnail threw me off but I’m glad I watched it

Holy hell this was probably one of the liveliest animations I’ve seen on here. The animations were so alive! Amazing work…

Amazing use of lighting.

Alright this is the final straw you’re my favorite SFM video artist.

God… that motion capture looked awful

as a civilised person i must respect your opinion, but allow me to voice mine:

you’re a piece of shit and the total worth of your work combined doesn’t even compare (believe me, i’ve checked) to a single 1 minute and 9 second long animation made by this person. fuck off

Now do Undertale…

When the guys were getting shot, the animations you did with the falling made it feel real I guess. Overall good, but I got thrown off when Jacket paused in that moment when Bonnie was in the bathroom :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the positive response! I’ll definitely consider rendering my future vids in 60 fps.

Hmm, all of it looked awful? Or could you tell me which specific animations you disliked?