SFM models that i need help with porting

in my time of learning every thing about model extraction… never would I want to have to ask people to help, but now with my constant failure to compile anything and get it ported over to SFM, my frustration with myself has forced my hand to ask for assistance (and I don’t like having people do things for me, in my mind it is rude to ask someone to do stuff for me) but now here comes the big question… what do I need ported?



yup I know that is indeed a lot of Dinosaurs, and Dragons, plus Sauron from Shadow of Mordor, this is why I feel bad for even asking anyone to help… unless there is a tutorial I can use to help me port these models to SFM, that would be cool, any form of help will do because I really wanted to get these ported and post them on SFM Workshop for other people to use
so if anyone has any info that will help will be greatly appreciated

Here’s a really good tutorial about porting stuff to SFM:

thanks man, this should help greatly