SFM- Render distance problem?

Hey, so me and a fried are working on a custom map for a Scene in Source Film maker. We have a big problem.

Here is what It should look like. As played in game:


Here is what it looks like in SFM:

Why is it happening? Things seems to disappear when they reach a certain distance from the camera. Yet it is not doing this on other maps.
Is it a problem from SFM or is it my map?

Might be because the SFM camera doesn’t define the world position, so the correct leaves aren’t being drawn. Does the map disappear smoothly like a draw distance or in a choppy sense?
Try putting everything inside a func_viscluster.

Nope. just tried it and nothing changed.

On an interesting note, When the camera get outside the map’s limit, ( void )
The map become visible


But when the camera get back in the map, there is a problem with the visibility. things disappear in a certain distance and only the skybox is visible

So it’s the draw distance?

The viewdistance is up to 30,000
It doesn’t do anything.

He tried r_lod 0 and still no change.

Plus, if it was drawdistance, he wouldn’t be able to see the full map when he get outside of it.

I tried changing the skybox and that’s not the problem. I use the white skybox as you can see


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Update: here is a video of the problem

Tried other maps?

Of course. Postal 3 works fine

How about a Portal 2 map?

I remembered that I encountered the same issue in one of my HL2 maps whenever the flashlight was turned on. I looked into it and found that it’s caused by the custom skybox material I used. Make sure that the VMT files for the skybox contain this line:

"$ignorez" 1

Without this parameter, the skybox (which is a literal box) can get drawn in front of world geometry.

My map is for Portal 2

Well, I tested it with a different vanilla skybox and it still didn’t worked out. The white one is Sky_white from portal 2. it should work. I don’t think the problem is the skybox.

I don’t understand why the map works very well when I play it in game. but when it is loaded in Source Film Maker, There is that distance thing.

What happens when he loads another P2 map in SFM?

The map seems to load properly, So the problem might be my map. I don’t know what is wrong though.

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Updates. It seems that the problem is caused by Light entities. The map somehow worked when I removed every lights excepts for ambient_lighting

Will it work if you name the lights?

Well that’s weird. I was able to load my map without problems in SFM on my PC but not him. I am not experimented with SFM I have no idea how to work it out.
That’s weird

This is sometimes an issues with the env_projectedtexture if i’m not mistaking, might have to recompile it, with vis clusters or something if that is the case.

Removed the projected texture and he still have the issue. Also, the entire map is full vis clusters

Uhh anyone?

His specs, you specs?

I don’t think the specs has anything to do. It seems that my particuliar map isn’t loaded properly due to lighting or something like that. Yet it works for me. ( There is a weird white diagonal line but I don’t really care )

But every other maps works fine. he even made some videos with Postal 3 and Cs I think