[SFM] The Combines Source Filmmaker Compilation Thread

Following Lt_c and Norpo I decided to make a Megathread as well.
I’ll kick off the thread with my newest work “Queen of Outworld”

And here is the rest in chronological order starting with the very first render I ever did :v:.

One of my personal favourites:
This one kind of failed, it needed more time:
This one I also really like:

Wow, these are amazing!

Nice work.

overall great stuff, the Raptor shot is probably my fav

the “Flirting” pic has almost Urbanator-level lighting

Holy fuck at Grindhouse.

As in “damn, looks nice” or “damn, what the fuck is this” :v:?

Woah thanks, the Flirting picture was one of the more recent ones shortly before my PC completely broke down. I bet if I experiment with the colors a bit more it would look even better!
Really motivating.

Think it’s amazing. I’ll assume she died.

Your posing makes the ragdolls look like they don’t have any sort of balance and they are about to fall.

Work on it.

How? Maybe in some pictures because the camera is tilted but at the moment I don’t really see what you mean with “balance”. Some posings are a bit “eh” though I agree, the early ones in particular.

This one for instance.


Her fighting stance looks really weird and she doesn’t have any sort of balance going on. Her legs are too close to each other and only slightly bend when there should be more bending. Her upper torso is tilted backwards and to the left, away from her center mass, therefore wont be able to withstand the recoil of the handguns. Her torso should be bending towards the target she is aiming at.

This is an example of how i think experienced shooters fire at targets(Yes, Zoey is not an experienced firearm operator, but she knows how firearms act when they discharge since her father taught her).

Legs bent, torso slightly tilted to one side(depending on the firearm and the Operators preferance) and forward to the gun to withstand the recoil as well as an overall straight figure.

Also, i don’t really know what i am doing, but have an example to see how far off her center of gravity is. Max Payne i a prime example of weapon handling. Alhough he is performing maneuvers with his dual wielded guns, he still maintains an overall great balance as he tilts towards to where he holds his guns. Look at his leg movement. It’s clearly placed to withstand the recoil while he is moving.

This too.

Thanks for the indepth input!

The only thing I know posing wise is that it should follow some kind of S-Curve to maintain that feel of balance you are talking about. I think I saw it in Valves Animation Tutorial or something.

I’ll focus on making the posing more natural, probably going to use Mortal Kombat Characters for fight scenes and the like since they are quite hard to pull off.

These are all amazing! That one with Zoey clutching the teddy bear is out of this world.

In 2nd to last, the lightning, colors, & bloom is very well done. Somehow SFM does a better job of blurring and lightning than garry’s mod.

It would be cool to have a tutorial of how to get that same exact lightning/bloom and blur in garry’s mod.

Yeah defenitely because in SFM you can render it, in Gmod that only works with Depth of Field afaik.
I’m glad these are so well received!

Would anybody mind if I make my own threads for the thread-worthy stuff with an [SFM] tag before the title? That way people that would only like to see Gmod stuff could easily skip it.

As much as I love your editing, and your camera angles are superb, I feel like I’m being overwhelmed by a lot of generic fluff. Nothing really stands out besides the posing, camera angles, and actual editing. You’d do well to make up new subjects to focus on, or with no subject at all, but rather just go wild with random topics like scenery and such. Seeing the L4D cast turned into zombies can only be done so much after all.

I agree lots of it is not very interesting, that has always been kind of a problem :v: