SFM to Gmod?

Hello! I’ve been using gmod for some time now (my computer can’t handle sfm) and I was wondering if it were possible to convert SFM models to a format usable in gmod. For example, I’m interested in converting the all-purpose hacked femme scout model (with all the clothes and hairstyles) and Noopr’s steampunk models. I can handle complicated and time consuming… but I’m not sure where to start. There doesn’t seem to be much easily accessible info out there about it.

The bad news is, I have no knowledge about compiling and modeling and things. The good news is, I’m an open minded and quick learner. I would like to learn how to do it myself, instead of asking busier people to do it for me. Can anyone point me in the right direction?:downs:

Shouldn’t the models be compatible with each game? The models in your case seem to already be properly hexed. Have you tried putting the resources in an add on folder?

That was my first thought. However, the fem scout model is in my addons menu but comes up as invisible. I can pull up the menu for changing skins and body groups, and I can run into her, but I can’t see her. The steampunk models don’t show up in the addons menu at all. It looks like it should all work, but doesn’t for some reason.

Do you have Team Fortress 2 downloaded and mounted? If you don’t then that’s your problem. If you do have it downloaded and mounted then try reinstalling Garry’s Mod or Team Fortress 2.

I think its because models made Only for SFM don’t have a .phy file which is required for Garrys Mod models. So that could be the problem.

just add/make a .phy model for it. sure it’ll be a pain in the ass but thats all right? just the .phy? oh and when you make the phy you need to decompile the model to make the the phymodel then after you’ll have to edit the .qc

You’re a few months late there, buddy.

lol i know xP