SFM Workshop Upload Error: Uploaded files cannot be from existing Valve games

So I’m trying to upload a rig script for one of my models to the SFM Workshop, but it never does and gives me this:

People keep posting up rig scripts of models there everyday, so what am I doing wrong? Is the file path wrong? Is using the Auto Rigger in the Workshop causing this error?

I suspect that name of your rigscript could be related to SFM’s filter of existing Valve’s resource uploads, rename it and try to upload it again.

Tried renaming the .py rigscript it by capitalizing the name, added symbols, putting “biped” in the name, didn’t work. Must be doing something wrong.

Try a different directory.

I think I tired that, not much happened. Still, I had the backup plan to add the IK rigs to Google Drive and placed them in their respective character pages. Hope Valve doesn’t remove the links.