SFM's tolerance of High-Poly models?

I’ve spotted some amazing models that look like they came straight out of the sci-fi blockbusters they were inspired from. I know that SFM may not be the most powerful animation tool out there, but can highly-detailed models be possible to work with?

Yes. The SFM version of studiomdl can compile models up to 300,000 polygons, more or less. Most I’ve done is 200k, just for testing. Took forever to compile, though.

Note, however, that flexes tend to fail around 80,000 polygons. Once studiomdl reports splitting the mesh (internally), flexes begin to break.

Beyond that, and the 256 bone limit, all limits for the OB branch apply. 32 materials, 10k max polygons affected by flexes, 96 flexes total, etc. Still apply.

you can use my hacked studiomdl for sfm/gmod to push stuff even further

-Updated texture limits
-Able to compile vta (vertex animation over 128mb’s)
-Updated bone limits from 256 to 512 (may crash the game)

This will definitely come in handy. Can I just put the hacked studiomdl in the SFM or SDK bin folders?

no only works for dota2/csgo since I’m using their libraries as the base

Alright, have them placed in my Counterstrike Global Offensive/bin folder. Now all that’s left is to see later on if this works.

In case your wondering, this is what I’m looking at: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-fan-art/1005893-tf-3d-models-i-made-past.html


Yeah I don’t think you’d ever get those in SFM, they look REALLY high poly.

Jesus christ are those the actual models used in the movie or something? SFM was made to combine in-game rendering with cinematics. Even the videos from Valve generally just use models straight out of the game with improvements to the faces and such. If you’re wanting to use SFM for that, you should really try toning down the polycount. If you’re looking for a some high powered rendering program, SFM isn’t really fit for that role. You can give it a shot and see if it works, but that might be a little overkill.

Pretty much what I thought. The guy in question has made other high poly Transformers like Ironhide, Bumblebee, Mixmaster, Bonecrusher’s head(that alone would make SFM spew smoke), etc. I think the guy spends at least two-months making each one if his old dead TF film project meant anything. Keep in mind that he’s not from ILM, just one guy with time on his hands. Now this part gets weird;[sp]The guy’s selling them! The price for each has not been determined, but I’m gonna guess that a part time job income alone won’t be enough to pay for them. I do know a guy like him who plans on making a deal with the creator to wriggle a “cut” of the price so that he can lower the poly count for use on smaller animation platforms. I don’t know how that’s gonna happen, but I’m keeping tabs on them to find out what can be done.[/sp] Until then, I think I’m going to go back to ripping psks from Fall of Cybertron.