SGH's Deathmatch

- A new Deathmatch gamemode! -


  • Two Classes:
  • Deathmatch Class**
    Spawns with weapons to be chosen at spawn-time and can deal damage to other Deathmatch players.
    While you’re choosing a weapon (within a limited time, to avoid blocking the spawnpoint) you are temporarily invisible and protected from damages.

    ** - Builder Class**
    Spawns with a Physgun and a Toolgun and cannot deal or receive damage.
    Use F2 to change class.
    Weapon list customizable from the server owners!

Current To-Do List:
*- Block propkilling

  • Score limit (90% Ready)
  • Fix spawning where you died*

For Server Owners:
The gamemode’s short name is sghdm.
To run a dedicated server, add this addon to your server collection and add +gamemode sghdm on the srcds command line.

Every weapon is stored in a configuration file the server hoster needs to make on his own.
If no configuration file is available, you will have HL2 weapons listed as a fallback.

The file needs to be located into:


This is a very basic weapon configuration file.
Under [c], all categories need to be listed, one each line.
Under [w#(category name)#], all weapons need to be listed as following:


1: Primary
2: Secondary
3: Melee
4: Special

To give multiple weapons in a single slot, separate them with a |

weapon_scarrefuel|weapon_scarrepair#SCars Tools#4

My own configuration file can be found here:

This configuration file requires:
CSS Weapons on M9K Base
M9K Assault Rifles
M9K Heavy Weapons
M9K Small Arms Pack
M9K Specialties
FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs
FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs - Misc
FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs - Pistols
FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs - Rifles
FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs - Shotguns
FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs - SMGs
FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs - U. Rifles
Police Pack
SCars Slim (or any variant)

-> SGH’s DeathMatch on the Steam Workshop

Some screenshots of the gui etc would be nice :slight_smile:

Main post updated with gui screenshoots.
Updated main post to clarify you are protected while choosing weapons.

This is a nice spin on the average Deathmatch cliché

You should freeze props when players drop them, then there’s no way to prop kill.

so basically just a server with weapons made by others and a change team?

Where is your Gamemode?

I don’t agree with this.
Thrusters and that kind of stuff still gives speed to props.
I’m thinking about counting every entity a player spawns and check it in the damage callback, and when the owner is in builder mode the entity deals no damage.

EDIT: Added Score Limit to To-Do list. Most of it is ready, just needs more testing on my side.
RE-EDIT: Now that I am thinking about this, actually a couple of mingebags could “hack” this, by having one spawn the prop and the other move it or something on the lines of that.
I will probably have to use multiple fixes to disable propkilling. In the meantime, try to keep an admin on the server, or rely on the good players to actually use their weapons to kill… or a voteban.

i made many

but that’s not the point, i don’t have to have made a gamemode to give criticism

But you haven’t shown us that you have, But yet the OP has shown us etc.

Doesn’t matter, he doesn’t need to have made anything to give his opinion
Of course, if he does show his own work it raises his credibility but still, no one should have their opinion discarded just because they have never done any work similar to the one they are giving critique on

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I wasn’t trying let’s say explain my point that way, I guess I was trying to say a pointy may not know, don’t criticize someone else’s work till you’ve done it yourself.

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Ooh someone needs to take there medicine, secondly I found it funny how you and Johnny boy think I c+p , when I haven’t done that once, I’m learning lua writing what I have myself and get help from friends or the wiki, never used anyone else code for custom shit.

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Whats wrong with you two

All I’m saying is people are quick to critise stuff. At least he’s giving something free to the community. Why give negative criticism that’s rude rather than constructive?

I’d love if both… uh, “sides”, stopped flaming.
@john552: I’m aware this is not such a complex gamemode. My team wasn’t in need of one.
@Others: john552 didn’t come to personally offend me and I’m okay with that. You don’t need to do something to criticise it.

No. I’m just saying it’s okay to give critics, as long as you don’t offend the author (me in this context).

All things considered, I think this is just what I’ve been looking for for a while but have been too lazy to actually make. After I’m done messing around with it I might make it the game mode for my server.
Just one issue though, and I don’t know if you mention it in the workshop page… Every time I die as DM class I spawn in the same location I just died in. Am I supposed to set up spawns myself?

It’s a bug I’m working on. Sometimes you spawn where you died, sometimes you spawn in a spawnpoint.
One of the solutions I’m planning to use is to make custom spawnpoints, but I’d prefer to solve the issue.
I probably screwed something in the Player Classes code.
EDIT: Added to the To-Do Lists.