SGM Cars making client crashes on my DarkRP Server...

Hi everyone,

I have a DarkRP Server… And for some reason it have done that since i got sgm cars on my server. It happens if someone shoot a car. 1 Bullet is enough to crash all peoples in a pretty big radius.
The weapons i have on the server, is M9K And FA:S 2 - It happens with both.

Please help me fix this. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a case of “too many indices for index buffer. tell a programmer (59838>32768)” which is usually caused by an incorrectly placed decal. I know I used one of SGM’s cars in the past and had this very problem.

Now… I have programmed the server myself. So do you maybe have a solution for this??¿¿

There isn’t a solution you will have to remove the car that is causing the problem. The error comes from the engine itself nothing you can do from a code perspective. Something GSM did in the model screwed it up. I don’t know enough about modeling to tell you how to fix the model itself.

Okay, so i wrote to SGM. And he said i could type “r_drawmodeldecals 0” - And it should fix it… But do any of you guys know if i can set decals to 0 at start? So it is the general setting on the server?? :slight_smile: