Sgt. Davin facing a Fleshpound

I like the spit coming from his mouth :smiley:

Damn nice. I like the little spit coming out of his mouth.

God speed, Davin.

I had a few experiences like that today. The last time I sacrificed myself to save Bigboom’s life. I threw all 5 of my grenades. It blew it to bloody gibbed pieces. Bigboom was saved! He survived the round too! (It was only me and him).

Yeah, that was cool. Specially when I brought an AA12, MGL-40, Katana and SCAR and died within the first fucking seconds of the final boss.

Anyway, goods stuff dude, I’d be hauling my ass at that distance.

Like always, it’s incredible :).

Fucking amazing.

Auto-shotty vs all specimens= lots of money. GOod pic!

Awesome lighting mate.

Yeah…I came

“Spit THIS.

The new update will keep me playing KF long past L4D2.

M14 :3

Sgt. Davin is actually level 6 support, so he’s gonna blow that fleshpounds head clean off. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is pretty fucking epic.

Thanks everyone.

The lightning doesn’t really make sense in places, but the rest of the epic (Posing, rest of editing) make up for it! Awesome! :smiley:


This is visually appealing.

That’s actually all ingame lighting, so :v: