Sgt Joe's Misc Ports & Edits

I had to get rid of all the copyrighted content attached to my public Steam Workshop profile, but before that I backed up all my old Gmod submissions here. I doubt anyone cares, but figured I’d make this thread anyway just as a good permanent place to keep the link and explanation.

Feel free to take a look if you want. It’s pretty poop quality, but there’s quite a few unique models that have never been ported before, mainly stuff from Assassin’s Creed, Sleeping Dogs, Far Cry 3, Battlestations Pacific, etc.

That sucks man. Atleast you still had the files.

Why did you have to remove it?

Yeah, Garry’s Mod has been filled to the brim with copyrighted content for ages.

What was the reason?

If anyone wants to reupload them to workshop you’re more than welcome to, I’m simply doing some cleanup just in case.