Sgt. Johnson's Laser-Beam Eyes


The way you’ve captured the lighting and tone of the beams simply cannot atone for my love of this piece of art.

This is why he can’t be used in online multiplayer, he’d be WAY overpowered.

Rated funny.

He’s a one man army.

Sgt. Johnson is actually the real main character of halo.

But he’s just so awesome nobody would be able to handle playing as him.

He knows what the ladies like.

“I like puffin’ Sweet William Cigars and blowing up ring-worlds, fuck yeah.”

how did u facepose him?

“Back in my day we didn’t have all these fancy shmancy laser cannons! We had to make our own lasers! WITH OUR EYES! And then, after we did that, they took our eyes and split them up. One eye for each platoon! And a rock! And we had to share the rock!”

I’m working on a faceposable version I hope to release soon.